Make your event the one everyone remembers for years to come. Hosting a conference, an award ceremony, a holiday party, a sales meeting, or a private party? Lance offers a show that promises to mystify, humor, and inspire audiences ranging in size anywhere from tens to thousands with the same attention to detail and focus on making everyone have an unforgettable experience.

His show is tailored for today's sophisticated corporate audience. Like a chemist, Lance mixes demonstrations of telepathy, enhanced intuition, hypnosis, humor, and philosophy into a show that is guaranteed to evoke reactions from everyone at your event. It might just be the solution you've been looking for.

The audience will be actively involved throughout the entirety of Lance's performance. After all, for mind reading to take place more than one mind is needed. Show your clients and employees how important they are to you and make this year's event one they'll never forget!


Invite Lance to take the stage and astound everyone at once, or mingle and perform close-up as your special guest. Let's discuss the best option for your next event!


The Stage show

Invite Lance to take the stage and glue people to their seats with mental feats involving the whole room. Ideal for corporate events.  

Lance and his team will work with you to customize a program tailored specifically for your audience and your event. His stage show is a highly interactive experience, taking your guests down a rabbit hole of mind-bending feats of the kind they have never witnessed before. The show is all about your guests, their minds, their thoughts, and their reactions. This is the perfect fit for award ceremonies, conferences, conventions, gala dinners and other formal events that involve a seated audience.

* Stage Show bookings may last between ten and ninety minutes -- contact us to discuss the best option. 



Close-up Strolling Mind Reading and Magic

Invite Lance to mingle and perform close-up, as your special guest. Close-up is ideal for a cocktail hour or reception and perfect to warm up your guests before the stage show.

This option serves as a perfect icebreaker to get everyone in the mood as soon a your event starts while Lance mingles among your guests reading their minds and making objects teleport, change places, appear and disappear right under their noses. From revealing the name of their first kiss to unlocking their phones, the impact of Lance’s performance will stay with your guests for as long as they live! Your guests will be astounded by Lance’s world-class mind reading and delighted by his sense of humor and charm. This is the perfect option for cocktail hours, breakout sessions, holiday parties, networking events, and other casual environments to warm up a crowd, and the perfect precursor to the stage show.

* Close-Up bookings may last between one and three hours depending on number of guests and duration of event. Availability is limited, so get in touch to inquire about booking, pricing, or next week's lottery numbers.


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